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Our Mainstream smartlink is the gold standard for traffic monetization. Powered by a unique blend of our special algorithms and exclusive offers in diverse verticals such as survey, sweepstakes and vouchers, it's guaranteed to propel your profits across all campaigns.

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The chameleon among our smartlinks, Mainstream is as flexible as it is generic. It works great across all geos and fits just right to monetize all your broad audience traffic. It also delivers solid on remnant and back traffic.

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Like an Elvis classic, sweepstakes remains an ever-popular vertical and demand is surging worldwide. So we got the best offers in the space and added our own touch of genius to make conversion rates even crazier. Don't be shy — give it a try.

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Like a one-size-fits-all monster, our mainstream smartlink will squeeze into the tiniest of campaign cracks and pad conversions where you least expect it, all the while propelling your main funnel performance to unexpected new heights.

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Dating is our key vertical. We’re one of the first affiliate networks to have launched in the dating niche.

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Mainstream smartlink includes surveys, gift cards, and vouchers. It is one of the most popular verticals.

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Casual Dating

The Casual Dating vertical focuses on promoting offers that cater to individuals seeking serious relationships.



XGames vertical is a unique and profitable niche market. Promote our smartlink and earn high commissions.


Frequently asked questions

Based on our partners' experience, SEO and doorway pages, push traffic, as well as traffic from social networks and email newsletters, show excellent results in the Mainstream vertical.

While Tier-1 regions offer a more affluent audience and higher payouts, Tier-2 and Tier-3 regions present fewer competitors. When choosing a country to promote an offer, rely on your experience and budget. We provide weekly TOP GEOs by verticals, and you can also seek guidance from an account manager dedicated to helping you achieve optimal results.

As part of the Mainstream vertical, we suggest sweepstakes, vouchers, leadgen, and credit cards submit offers.

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