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At Lospollos we take pride in being one of the pioneers of the smartlink space. Often imitated, never duplicated, our shiny new smart targeting system is the wicked child of years of experience and billions of clicks optimized to perfection.

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Conversion chemistry

Why choose us?

Media Buyers

Easy extra money by monetizing your back and remnant traffic, plus strange geos you thought are bots.


Affiliate Networks

Make money on virtually all your misgeo, remnant and overcap traffic with our hardworking smartlinks.


Conversion chemistry

No matter the kind of traffic you have, Lospollos is the ultimate monetization solution to help you make the most money out of it. Our smartlinks boost your conversion rates and profits while doing all the hard work for you.

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Lospollos $0.55
The "competition" $0.42
Some smartlink $0.35
Direct offers $0.28
Oldskool dating site $0.22

More money in your pocket

Our smartlinks harness the power of multiple exclusive offers instantly rendering your campaigns more profitable. Supercharge your revenue by up to 70% with our legendary smartlink technology.

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Native funnels 32%
Landing pages 21%
Push monetization 12%
Back button 5%

Self-learning Algorithm

Did anyone say AI? Our self-learning algorithm, Robopollo™ predicts the campaign most likely to convert for each individual click based on an array of parameters. Once plugged in, Robopollo™ immediately starts analyzing your traffic to deliver the highest earnings per click, guaranteed.

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Native funnels

Native funnels

A game-changing product with native funnels to boost your performance and earnings. Our smartlink analyzes your traffic and directs it to the best offers to optimize conversions and maximize profit.

Landing pages

Landing pages

Our smartlink will optimize your campaigns down to unique landing page performance. Plus, we provide best-in-class creatives. No need to waste time and money split-testing and tweaking – we've already done all the hard work for you!

Push monetization

Push monetization

It's a no brainer! Push is the ideal supplement to any offer, in any vertical. It doesn't affect your main flow and conversions, just adds more fat to your bottom line.

Back button

Back button

Simple and often overlooked, our back button script is an easy squeeze to add some extra revenue from your traffic with minimal effort.

We did the math and built the tech to
synthesize your traffic and supercharge your profits

Targeted smartlinks

Stop worrying about testing, swapping and capping offers, managing downtime and fluctuating performances. Our smartlinks do the hard work for you automatically.

Unique algorithm

Like a true AI matchmaker, Robopollo™ picks the most perfect offers for each and every click, individually maximizing profit and performance end-to-end.

Traffic optimization

Based on multiple CR and KPI set rules, our fully automated deep traffic optimization is so next level even we don't quite understand how it works.

Individual deals

If your traffic backs out on our end, we'll bump the payouts and pay top dollar. So you can send more. Cause the only thing better than the good stuff is more of it.

Real-time statistics

Our smartlink is choice and transparent, and so are we. You always get real-time stats on its network-wide performance, with our no-bullsh*t guarantee.

All countries (really)

Why settle for tiers when you can make bank in Bangladesh? Expand your reach with a truly global smartlink covering all geos.

Our smartlink verticals


The key vertical where it all started. The performance of our dating smartlink is the stuff of industry legends.

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A popular catch-all smartlink which includes surveys, gift cards and vouchers. Great for remnant and back traffic.

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Casual Dating

The quintessential smartlink for affiliates running classic dating campaigns across more traditional media.



A hot fusion between flirting and gaming, this niche vertical slays with its high commissions.


What clients say

Frequently asked questions

It's exactly that: a link smarter than your average! A smartlink boosts traffic monetization by matching each user to the best offer available for them, automatically and in real time, increasing revenue while reducing your workload.

Simply place our smartlink at your traffic source and watch magic happen. Our proprietary algorithms will do all the work and match each and every individual user to the offers best suited for them.

The Lospollos smartlinks are based on our proprietary TDS (Traffic Distribution System). Every user is analyzed in real time, then directed to the offer or funnel that has the highest likelihood of converting them. Our advanced algorithms analyze locale, device type, browser, operating system and many other parameters to ensure maximum take-rate. With over 20,000 offers on tap from all over the world, Lospollos practically has no geo restrictions.

New publishers see our world-famous Dating smartlink by default. Want to run more verticals? Easy! Simply hit up your account manager who can enable Mainstream, Casual Dating, Gay Dating, Cams, Adult Games, iGaming, and Crypto smartlinks for you.

Everyone, really! smartlinks are one of the easiest and most profitable ways to monetize traffic. With Lospollos, you don't have to waste time choosing, split-testing and swapping different landing pages and offers. We'll do all the hard work, leaving you free to focus on what you do best: driving traffic. Over 200,000 webmasters entrust their traffic to the simplicity and efficiency of the Lospollos smartlinks.

Yes, of course, it's easily done in the "Settings" section. We pass the click ID in the {cid} parameter and the payout amount in the {sum} parameter. Your account manager will help you setup and test your postback and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Lospollos is famous for paying affiliates like clockwork. Payouts go out weekly every Tuesday. We support Paxum, PerfectMoney, Capitalist, Bitcoin, USDT (TRC20) and wire payments. A $100 balance minimum applies to all payment types except bank transfers ($1,000 minimum).

Yes, easily with a CNAME record. Add it to the domain settings page at your registrar. After changing the DNS settings, provide your partner ID for traffic tracking. Your account manager will happily assist you at any stage of this process.

Absolutely. In fact, smartlinks are one of the best ways to squeeze extra income from returning traffic. Many of our webmasters earn thousands in additional income every month using this easy trick.

We accept all types of traffic with the strict exception of incentivized clicks and email spam, which are prohibited.

Why delay? Monetize your traffic the smart way!

Whether you're an experienced publisher or new to affiliate marketing, we guarantee to boost your conversions and increase your profits. Don’t delay, start earning with our smartlink today!