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This key vertical is how it all started for us. We are one of the pioneers in this space and put humbly, the performance of our dating smartlink is legendary in affiliate marketing.

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At Lospollos, we monetize your traffic across virtually all geos, platforms and devices. Our algorithm selects the best matching offers for your traffic and continuously optimizes the flow in real time. All we ask of you is sit back and watch your profits soar.

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Our homemade platform is fast and user-friendly, seamlessly integrating with popular tracking domains. The comprehensive analytics and shiny graphics will have you hit the refresh button every minute like a real stats junky.

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Clockwork payouts without holds

We don't hold your funds and will pay weekly, so you can reinvest profits and scale your campaigns. Spend less time chasing payments and more growing your traffic. Custom payouts and multiple payment options available.

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Dating is our key vertical. We’re one of the first affiliate networks to have launched in the dating niche.

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Mainstream smartlink includes surveys, gift cards, and vouchers. It is one of the most popular verticals.

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Casual Dating

The Casual Dating vertical focuses on promoting offers that cater to individuals seeking serious relationships.



XGames vertical is a unique and profitable niche market. Promote our smartlink and earn high commissions.


Frequently asked questions

You can use any paid, free and shareware traffic sources to make money on online dating. Kindly remember that we do not accept fraudulent or incentivized traffic.

The sky is the limit. Many fads have come and gone, but dating has proven extremely resilient. It's here to stay for the long term and is one of the core Internet activities, with hundreds of millions looking to find love or a good time online every hour of the day. And with the Lospollos smartlink at your service, it's never been easier to monetize this enormous audience.

The Lospollos smartlinks are based on our proprietary TDS (Traffic Distribution System). Every user is analyzed in real time, then directed to the offer or funnel that has the highest likelihood of converting them. Our advanced algorithms analyze locale, device type, browser, operating system and many other parameters to ensure maximum take-rate. With over 20,000 offers on tap from all over the world, Lospollos practically has no geo restrictions.

Dating is truly international. People are looking to connect in every corner of the globe and so our smartlink works literally everywhere. But while there are no geo restrictions, some countries outperform others in dating like in everything else. Tier 1 countries typically have the highest payouts, but naturally attract more competition. Tiers 2 and 3 are a great start for beginners as some of them still command impressive EPCs. The beauty of the Lospollos smartlink is that you can run any geo you want without changing links.

Absolutely. Because dating is such a massively popular vertical with an unlimited audience, it works on many different types of traffic. Buying paid clicks is not necessary, you can send users from your own sources or be crafty and generate free clicks on social networks or dating sites.

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