What is CPA network?

Of course, you know that there are dozens of ways to get money online. Attracting traffic with payment for a targeted action is one of the ten most popular.

What is meant by target action?

  • Payment is made only if the user buys something on the site and within a certain time does not cancel the order or return the purchase. This model is often chosen by online stores and product landing pages.

It is also important to distinguish types of payment for the attracted traffic. It can be fixed or calculated as a percentage of the number of sales. It is logical that if we are talking about the same type of goods with the same cost, then the first option will be the most relevant. Otherwise, the second one is used. After all, the more customers the “webmaster” attracts, the more profit he will receive.

What are CPA networks?

CPA networks – what is it? Most often, this term refers to an affiliate program intermediary. It allows the owners of the offers to find traffic for those offers, and webmasters and arbitrageurs get a reasonable fee for attracted users.

How do CPA networks work?

In a sense, this is a CPA exchange that searches for offers and acts as a guarantor of the transaction, simultaneously weeding out unscrupulous customers and contractors.

Benefits of DSP networks

First of all, this is a fairly transparent process of work for each of the parties. The advertiser pays money only for attracted clients and controls the entire process, and if necessary, receives support or answers to any questions from the CPA partner. He no longer needs to search for clients on his own – just post information on the platform and receive traffic.

For affiliates and webmasters, the process is also as simple as it gets. Usually, all statistics are visible in your personal account or a third-party tracker. Often an affiliate (sometimes called a person who drives traffic) can choose the offer he wants to drive traffic to.

Disadvantages of CPA Networks

Their only disadvantage is the restriction for some groups of advertisers, who simply will not benefit from CPA marketing.

  • First, these are low-margin projects.
  • Secondly, these are projects for a small target audience. In some cases, CPA is not very profitable for the B2B segment.

In all other cases, CPA models work extremely well.

CPA – how to count?

CPA marketing means precise calculation. There is a special CPA formula that allows you to calculate the cost of one application. To get a specific figure, simply divide the cost of advertising by the number of actions. As an example, let’s take a budget of 100,000 USD and 1,000 completed actions. After using the formula, we get that the cost of one processed client will be 100 USD.

Of course, you need to factor in the error. The result of an advertising campaign can be considered successful if it approximately matches the formula because often there are “garbage” leads when the user performed the requested action, but made a mistake in the specified data or refused the service/product at the last moment.

What is an offer in CPA networks and why is it needed

In general, an offer is any public offer from an advertiser: a product, service, application, etc. Often, offers are divided into verticals: Dating (dating and dating apps), Crypto (cryptocurrencies), and Mainstream (sweepstakes and sweepstakes).

Please note that if you choose CPA SmartLink, the offer will be selected automatically for each visitor. Usually, this is very convenient.

Search for offers – what are the nuances?

To begin with, it is important to decide on a CPA affiliate program and the working conditions which will suit you. As we previously noted, if this is a Smartlink, then you don’t have to choose offers – the system will do it for you. In other cases, for successful selection, it is important to take into consideration many factors: your type of traffic, its quality (for example, many do not accept motivated traffic and ban any suspicious action), and payout percentage.

Of course, any intermediary takes a commission and has requirements for both the webmaster and the advertiser.

The most important piece of advice: pay close attention to the history of the affiliate program itself.

Fraud in CPA networks

CPA advertising is a very flexible system that is ever-evolving. Along with it, fraudulent schemes are also developing, which, with an illiterate approach, can bring huge losses for each of the parties.

Often there is an advertising campaign performance inflation approach that is typically done with the help of bots or motivated traffic which, of course, does not bring any profit to the advertiser.

How not to get scammed while working with the CPA 

For a webmaster, success consists of several factors.

  • First, a stable source of traffic with predictable quality.
  • Secondly, a proven affiliate program with good reviews.

These elements are already enough for full-fledged work.

For an advertiser, one of the most important points is controlled by affiliate program traffic quality control.

In the case of CPA with fake user activity (discussed above), everything is simple. The algorithms of any trusted affiliate program keep a close eye on behavioral factors. A real potential buyer will spend at least one minute on the site and will rarely refuse the product immediately after the purchase. In other words, the anti-fraud tools of the top CPA networks will easily detect the problem, and you just have to react to it in time.

Useful tips for working with CPA affiliates

There are several ways to receive traffic for the CPA, but the main ones are these options:

  1. 1)Social network. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok are becoming more and more, strict but they remain one of the main channels for attracting traffic, especially in the dating segment.
  2. 2)Website traffic. Advertising on websites and SEO still brings a lot of money to those who know how to properly utilize these tools.
  3. 3)Buying traffic on exchanges. Look for an exchange, drive traffic through CPA services and direct it to the selected offer.
  4. 4)Contextual advertising. One of the effective ways to work on the CPA model. However, it takes a lot of time to master it professionally.

Best CPA Networks in 2022

CPA method is growing very fast. In recent years, dozens of affiliate programs have appeared that promise good profits and high conversions.

We recommend choosing the senior verified experts of the market.

LosPollos has over 50,000 webmasters and 1,000 advertisers worldwide. At the core of our affiliate program is Smartlinks. Our platform is adapted for both market beginners and seasoned experts. CPA masters with various skill levels work with us, and many of them quickly manage to reach a stable level of income.

In conclusion

We hope that with the help of our article you now have a better understanding that CPA marketing is an effective and widely used system for advertising that can increase a webmaster’s profitability. It is highly recommended to give this model a try – as of 2022, the industry continues to gain momentum and is not going to stop any time soon.

Choose the right affiliate program and start driving traffic 😉

Start earning!

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