Proxy server for traffic in affiliate marketing – what is it and how to choose?

Affiliate marketers frequently encounter prohibitions as anti-fraud systems rapidly evolve and become more sophisticated. Fortunately, webmasters have the means to safeguard their activities. A proxy server forms the foundation of numerous auxiliary tools used in traffic media buying, often referred to as “consumables” in the industry. Let’s explore what a proxy server is, how to select the appropriate one for your tasks, and understand why not all are suitable for affiliate marketing.

What is a Proxy Server

A proxy server is an intermediary that channels outgoing traffic through itself, acting as a gateway between your device and the Internet. It enables you to conceal your IP address, which carries data about your location and service provider. By doing so, you can access the network under a different IP address. In simple terms, third parties receive data from the proxy server instead of directly from your device. This tool offers anonymity and is effective for bypassing GEO restrictions.

Why You Need a Proxy for Affiliate Marketing

In traffic media buying, a proxy server is a crucial consumable that aids in bypassing the protective systems of advertising platforms. A webmaster cannot operate multiple accounts from the same IP address when using traffic sources such as Google Ads or Facebook, where multi-accounting is prohibited. If Facebook, for instance, bans several accounts, it will swiftly “tag” the IP and ban all associated accounts more rapidly. This situation is common for affiliate marketers without access to a proxy server.

If you use a proxy server, you will not be suspected of anything (until they track you using your digital fingerprint). This often provides ample time to launch an advertising campaign and generate traffic.

Proxies are also beneficial in other scenarios. First, many countries restrict access to certain internet resources, and proxies can help conceal your location to bypass these restrictions. Second, there’s an increasing trend where users face fines or even legal consequences for actions like reposting or tagging. A proxy addresses these issues by anonymizing user data before it’s transmitted online.

Thanks to proxy servers, affiliate marketers can:

  • launch advertising campaigns to promote offers from prohibited verticals;
  • create multiple accounts on one advertising platform;
  • simulate activity from multiple devices;
  • freely use parsing services used by SEO specialists and doorway specialists;
  • Anonymize data for safe engagement in activities like creating memes, reposting, and tagging on social networks, online marketplaces, and forums, including on platforms like eBay, Avito, and OLX.

However, not all proxy servers are suitable for affiliate marketing. An unreliable service might only be a minor inconvenience for accessing region-restricted websites, but poor IP masking leading to account blocks can result in financial losses and heightened stress. Therefore, choosing a high-quality proxy server is crucial.

Paid vs. Free Proxies – Which One to Choose?

While social networks and other sites already block many free proxies, they are still available. Their main advantage is that they are free, but their benefits end here. The widespread availability of these services has made them extremely popular among webmasters globally, often leading to performance lags. Overloading is a common issue, and while powerful hardware can mitigate this, optimal speed should not be expected. Free proxies are not practical for automated software in affiliate marketing – a fact quickly realized and accepted by marketers.

When considering public proxies, be aware of their limitations:

  • Many IP addresses from open lists are often already invalid.
  • They offer limited anonymity, primarily providing only data caching from the Internet.
  • Expect unstable connections and significantly low speeds.
  • Some free services can be outright unsafe to use.

Now, let’s see what paid proxies offer and whether they are worth the investment:

  • Paid proxy servers are less prone to failures as the software is used individually and is not affected by other users on the same server.
  • They provide a high level of confidentiality.
  • Their uptime is 99%.
  • They provide access to blocked sites.
  • Speed remains stable even when using a chain of servers.
  • They offer reliable protection of user data.
  • Provide technical support.

However, it’s important to note that a paid proxy does not automatically guarantee foolproof protection. Primarily, you need a clean proxy server that ad networks haven’t recognized. Additionally, protection may not be sufficient if platforms like Facebook detect irregularities based on hardware. These aspects are not easily identifiable at a glance; thus, reading reviews and testimonials is essential.

IPv6 and IPv4 Proxies – Which Version is Better for Affiliate Marketing?

When it comes to proxy address protocols, there are two versions: IPv6 and IPv4. IPv4 was developed in the 1970s, providing 32-bit IP addresses for every internet device, like “” At that time, it was assumed that 4 billion addresses would suffice. However, by 2007, it became clear that the scale of internet usage outpaced the capacity for unique addresses under IPv4. This led to the development of IPv6, which uses 128-bit addresses, appearing as “fe80:10:0:33:200:f8ff:fe21:67cf”.

While both versions serve similar functions and operate on the same principle, IPv6 is considered more advanced due to its vast array of unique IP addresses that are expected to last for decades, making it ideal for tasks like farming Facebook accounts. The world is gradually transitioning to IPv6, but IPv4 remains widely used. Choose IPv4 if the online platform you are working with does not support Internet Protocol version 6, to avoid any compatibility issues.

Proxy with HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 Network Protocols – Which is Better?

Proxy servers can support various connection protocols, each with distinct features:

  • HTTP is the most common network protocol. It does not provide data encryption and is typically used for regular internet surfing.
  • HTTPS is more suited for transmitting confidential data. It ensures a secure connection and encrypts data using an SSL certificate.
  • SOCKS, short for Socket Secure network protocol, facilitates traffic bypassing a firewall, thereby easing communication with servers. It is designed for software that doesn’t support direct proxy use, typically operating on standard ports 1080 and 1081. SOCKS is more advanced than HTTP(S) and continues to evolve rapidly.
  • SOCKS5 is a fast, secure, and versatile protocol. It supports UDP, TCP, remote DNS queries, and authentication on a proxy server with a username and password.

How to Choose a Proxy Server for Traffic Media Buying

The following factors influence the choice of proxy servers:

  1. Geo: Proxy pricing can vary significantly based on the user’s location.
  2. Tariff Plans: Different proxy providers have their own pricing structures. Opt for flexible plans if you prefer to pay for traffic usage rather than a fixed duration. Be cautious with free proxies; numerous other users often use them, which can impact performance.
  3. Performance: Be sure to consider proxy speed, ensuring the chosen proxy doesn’t slow down your processes.
  4. Degree of Anonymity: Select a proxy server that aligns with your needs. For bypassing blocks and data protection, complete anonymity is essential.
  5. Number of IP Addresses: A large number of IP addresses suggests the service has its own servers and reliable suppliers.
  6. Reputation: No proxy provider is immune from problems and can encounter issues. If users note the unreliability of the service ( for example, frequent discrepancies between the proxy GEO and the IP checker GEO), there is a risk of the account blocking. 
  7. Technical Support: Efficient and responsive support is important, as time is money in affiliate marketing, and any issues need to be addressed swiftly.

Reviews, ratings, and testimonials can provide insights into these aspects. However, only through testing can you truly assess a server’s performance and suitability for your needs.

The Best Proxies for Affiliate Marketers

In this section, we’ll explore the most popular proxies frequently featured in ratings. According to user feedback, these proxies are well-suited for a broad spectrum of webmaster tasks and generally offer favorable conditions.


Froxy offers a huge selection of pure mobile and residential proxies across over 200 countries. It guarantees high performance and supports both SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols. The service features both automatic and manual rotation with access to over 8 million IP addresses. Users have the flexibility to filter proxies by city or provider. However, it’s important to note that bandwidth is limited, and there is no option for a free trial of this service.


Proxymarket offers high-quality and unique IPv4 and IPv6 proxy servers from 108 GEOs. Its automatic validation check ensures that invalid IP addresses are filtered out, and it supports all major protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5. Users benefit from a free trial and round-the-clock support in Russian, with promotional codes for the service frequently available on social networks.

Bright Data (Luminati)

This service boasts a vast selection of proxy servers, including server-based, residential, mobile, and ISP options. It offers comprehensive coverage across all countries and cities and automatic proxy selection. The service includes Russian language support and additional tools for data collection, optimization, anonymity, parsing, and scraping. It’s important to note that the pricing for mobile and residential proxies begins at $500, and utilizing this service requires a certain level of technical expertise.

Smart Proxy

Smart Proxy is a fast, reliable, and secure service that offers a robust set of features. It provides access to over 195 GEOs and over 40 million IP addresses, with flexible tariff plans and reasonable pricing. This service is well-suited for various tasks, including creating accounts on social networks, web scraping, SEO analysis, and monitoring advertising campaigns. It also features handy extensions for Chrome and Firefox and allows users to filter proxies by location and session type. However, it’s worth noting that targeting options are limited, and no free version is available.

Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies offers low-cost server and residential proxies, primarily covering the US and EU regions. With a pool of around 70,000 IP addresses, it doesn’t support SOCKS but compensates with unlimited and affordable tariff plans, featuring rotation by timer and request. The service’s lack of authentication makes it convenient to use, though this may result in slightly reduced security.

Why Do You Need an Anti-Detect Browser?

For a proxy to function effectively, pairing it with an anti-detect browser is essential. Despite the efficiency of even the best mobile and residential proxies, they do not conceal the user’s digital fingerprint.

Online resources collect extensive data about devices, such as screen resolution, browser type, version, and sometimes fonts and emoji styles. These elements collectively create a unique digital fingerprint. Browsers transmit this data through cookies, caches, plugins, and various technologies. If search engines, websites, or applications detect inconsistencies in this data, access may be blocked at either the connection address or hardware level. (For instance, Google Ads might ban accounts based on system configuration.)

Anti-detect browsers represent an advanced version of conventional browsers. They allow you to create digital fingerprints for camouflage purposes and can align all fingerprint details with the proxy. Also, anti-detect browsers can modify hardware characteristics, including the type of device and processor, RAM amount, and other device parameters. Users can operate multiple windows simultaneously, each with a unique digital fingerprint. An anti-detect browser “matches” the GEO and type of proxy platform, creating a realistic and credible fingerprint. When used together, a proxy and an anti-detect browser effectively bypass anti-fraud systems, allowing for smooth traffic transmission from reputable sources.

MultiLogin App

This anti-detect is highly favored among media buyers as it enables the management of multiple profiles, each equipped with unique fingerprints, cookies, and IP addresses. Its feature-rich browser allows users to run campaigns from various sources, significantly lowering the risk of being identified as a bot or facing account bans.

FraudFox VM

FraudFox VM is a virtual machine explicitly tailored for marketers and affiliate marketers. It facilitates the imitation of various operating systems and browsers, thereby greatly complicating the tracking process. 

Linken Sphere

Linken Sphere is an anti-detect browser that provides a full range of features designed to protect against detection and traffic bots. It enables users to emulate different devices and browsers, ensuring your online activities remain undetected and your traffic grows. 


AntBrowser is an easy-to-use detection protection browser designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. It allows users to easily switch between user profiles and IP addresses, ensuring online anonymity. While not intended for large-scale campaigns, this service is ideal for testing and managing limited traffic volumes.

Indigo Browser

Antidetect is known for its fingerprint randomization option. It allows users to create unique patterns for browsing web pages, significantly lowering the chance of detection by anti-fraud systems.

BrowserAutomationStudio (BAS)

BAS is a universal platform that not only shields browsers from detection but also facilitates the automation of various online tasks. It’s particularly useful for media buyers, allowing them to streamline their operations while maintaining anonymity.


GoLogin is a comprehensive solution that offers reliable protection against anti-fraud systems. It provides effective management of proxy servers and the automatic generation of digital fingerprints. The platform simplifies the maintenance of multiple profiles and enhances the internet browsing experience.


Kameleo stands out as a potent tool for creating and managing browser profiles. It allows for the generation of accounts with unique attributes, making it challenging for bots and suspicious activities to be detected.

Today, there are enough anti-detect browsers on the market designed for any budget, task, and scale of activity. Many services offer a free trial period.


Dolphin{anti} appeared on the market in the summer of 2021 as a beta test and opened up to all users by fall. Since its debut, it has established itself as one of the best anti-detect browsers, excelling at 100% in fingerprint substitution and continually updating with new features and full functionality.

Since our last review, Dolphin{anti} has undergone significant developments: the introduction of automation scripts, an action synchronizer, and enhanced browser speed. Our team took a closer look at all its features, updating our review to highlight the latest enhancements to Dolphin{anti}, reasons for its growing popularity, and why you should use it.


There was a time when uploading content to platforms like Facebook was straightforward. However, the advent of anti-fraud systems has significantly altered the landscape, necessitating technical skills for successful media buying. Having a reliable proxy server and other essential tools is crucial to navigating the restrictions imposed by online resources or legislative measures.

A proxy server is a useful tool for webmasters that makes it possible to leverage popular traffic channels effectively, even those with restricted offers. Major platforms, such as Facebook, vigilantly monitor for any signs of suspicious activity and do not hesitate to ban accounts en masse. Investing in the right tools is non-negotiable for those aiming to operate professionally. Equipping yourself with all the right tools is key to navigating these challenges successfully.

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