Dolphin Anty – the most comprehensive review of an anti-detection browser with detailed functionality unpacking

The anti-detection browser Dolphin anty, released in 2021, initially as a closed beta, became fully accessible in September, offering users a complete suite of capabilities. This tool, known for creating unique digital fingerprints, is regularly updated and introduces new options for affiliates.

As of today, Dolphin Anty leads the anti-detection market and has undergone numerous transformations over two years. With its continuously updated and expanded functionality, it’s time for an updated review.

What is Dolphin Anty Anti-Detectant Used For?

Dolphin anty is acclaimed as the top anti-detection browser for affiliate marketing traders, crypto traders, airdrop enthusiasts, SMM professionals, and others who value anonymity and efficient management of multiple accounts. 

It allows the registration and management of hundreds of accounts on a single device. Cache, cookies, history, and other internal files are isolated, making it impossible to detect connections between accounts. Each account receives a unique digital fingerprint, including parameters like device model, screen specifics, operating system, language, GEO, time zone, and data from Canvas, WebGL, and WebRTC interfaces. Notably, the fingerprint substitution in Dolphin Anty happens at the kernel level, not through JavaScript.

A digital fingerprint comprises data about your device: language, time zone, model, processor, GEO, memory, media, screen settings, WebRTC, Client Rects, Canvas, and more.

Built on Chromium, Dolphin Anty runs on a proprietary browser kernel and can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS devices.

The tool is primarily designed for media buying and account farming on platforms like Facebook, Google, Vkontakte, and TikTok. According to user reviews, it has also successfully passed detection by stringent scanners and checkers such as Pixelscan, CreepJS, Browserleaks, and Robinilinus.

Features of Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty facilitates account farming in the most natural way, without causing suspicion from anti-fraud systems and avoiding manual checks, logins, and blocks. This has greatly streamlined the workflow for solo affiliate marketers, media buying teams, crypto traders, SMM specialists, and other professionals in online earnings thanks to the following features:

  • creating and managing accounts within a single window;
  • fingerprinting, that is, the creation of unique digital fingerprints;
  • user-friendly interface similar to Google Chrome;
  • automatic launch of account start pages;
  • fast and bulk import of proxies and profiles;
  • compatibility with all proxy types, regardless of the type of connection protocol (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS, and SSH). Proxies can be saved in the anti-detection browser and quickly added to browser profiles, and mobile proxies can be updated in one click directly in the browser;
  • general bookmarks for all accounts and specific site bookmarks for easy access, such as Facebook’s Account Quality advertising account and other links for quick access;
  • account statuses, tags, and notes for each account;
  • bulk download and management of bookmarks and extensions – add the extension once, and it will be available to all accounts;
  • direct import and export of cookies within the interface;
  • team collaboration mode with flexible access rights;
  • quick profile navigation and status monitoring. Due to the ability to indicate account type (Facebook, TikTok, Google, Crypto or none), statuses (“new”, “banned”, “under review”, “in work”, etc. .) and sort by the desired parameter;
  • convenient account transfer between users;
  • integration with other Dolphin services, like auto-fill
  • automatic cookie generation – the robot creates a history of profile visits and imitates the user’s activity on the site so that the anti-fraud systems of the same Facebook, Google, or Amazon do not get suspicious. In Dolphin Anty, it is enough to specify a list of sites the cookie robot needs to visit to create an image of an ordinary user.
  • process automation in the browser using built-in tools or third-party services like Selenium or Playwright. Through Scripts, you can create your own template of automatic actions and use it to automate routine tasks;
  • high-quality technical support in the anti-detect browser.

Moreover, Dolphin Anty users enjoy access to a synchronizer, functional search, profile duplication with unique fingerprints, and the Smart Paste feature, which simulates manual typing—a key factor in evading anti-fraud systems. Anti-fraud systems also monitor user behavior and can detect, for example, text that was copied and not typed manually. Antidetect solves this problem, too.

How to Use Dolphin Anty

To start using Dolphin Anty:

  1. Register on the official website.
  2. Download and install the browser.
  3. Opt for a subscription or the free plan supporting up to 10 profiles.

After installation, familiarize yourself with the interface, starting with the “Settings,” where default and customizable profile statuses are displayed.

During the registration process, you will encounter a few non-intrusive questions, such as:

The installation process for the product is quick and straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Once downloaded, launch the service and take some time to familiarize yourself with the interface.

To get started, we recommend navigating to the “Settings” section. Here, you’ll find profile statuses such as ‘Ban’, ‘Ready’, and ‘New’. Besides the default options, this section also allows you to customize and set your own statuses to mark profiles accordingly.

You can also create start pages here:

How to Create a Profile in Dolphin anty

To create a profile, select “Browsers” in the left panel, and in this tab, click “Create profile”:

Enter the name, choose the status and tags, select the operating system and proxy, and upload a cookie and user agent to streamline the process and avoid repetition.

In this section, you also have the option to specify additional technical parameters, such as WebRTC, Canvas, WebGL, WebGL Info, video card type, memory size, GEO, time zone, language, processor, screen resolution, media devices, ports, and other relevant details. You can attach an icon and note for further customization toward the end of this process.

You can either use the automatically generated fingerprints or set your own. To add multiple profiles simultaneously, simply use the “Mass import” option available in the same window.

In Dolphin Anty, you can import profiles in bulk from an Excel file. Download the template and add all your accounts to this file.

Then upload the file to antidetect and wait until the profiles are visible in the list, after which you can manage them: edit, configure access, run scripts, copy, delete, pin, etc. A very useful option is copying profiles with a randomized digital fingerprint. For ease of navigation, especially when dealing with numerous accounts, utilize filters (by status, site, tags, users, etc.) to swiftly and conveniently locate specific profiles.

How to Mass Launch Profiles

To launch several profiles simultaneously, just check the boxes next to the ones you need and select “Launch profiles”.

How to Use the Action Synchronizer

This option is useful when performing the same action in several profiles. You can apply it to an unlimited number of accounts. However, it’s important to note that this feature is available only in the paid tariff plans.

How to Add a Proxy to Dolphin Anty

You can add unlimited proxies to the Dolphin antidetect, immediately check them, and disable invalid ones. In the “Proxies” tab, click “+” and pull up the prepared proxies.

The left side lists the proxy formats that can be added.

To check the added proxies for validity, click “Check connection” (you can select all at once):

Opposite to non-working proxies, the corresponding status will appear – “Error”. You can manage added proxies – delete, edit, and monitor the end date.

How to Farm Accounts with Dolphin Anty

The “Scripts” option in this anti-detect browser is available in paid plans. This feature is a time-saver for users, as it automates various routine tasks related to account farming. Even without technical expertise, you can effortlessly automate actions such as managing cookies, browsing history, clicks, etc. Scripts are an ideal alternative to Browser Automation Studio (BAS) and similar automation services, making account management more efficient and user-friendly.

How to Add Bookmarks and Extensions

You can add and save bookmarks to the browser, which will be available for working with any profile. In the “Bookmakers” tab, click the “+” button and enter the name of the bookmark, followed by two colons and a link to the site.

Select the profile type and add all the necessary links:

Please note that bookmarks can be set up for yourself and the entire team.

Extensions can be added similarly, downloaded through the Chrome Web Store or from a zip file.

Teamwork in Dolphin Anty

For media buying teams, the ability to collaborate within a single platform is crucial. With Dolphin Anty’s anti-detection software, all team members can conveniently interact and set up roles, access levels, and capabilities. Roles like admin, team leader, buyer, or farmer have the flexibility to share profiles without the need to transfer them among other team members, streamlining the collaborative process.

Tariff Plans for the Anti-Detect Browser Dolphin Anty

The cost of Dolphin Anty varies based on the number of profiles, team members, and additional features required by the user. Currently, the following tariff plans are available:

Select the “Free” plan if you want to test the service or work with a limited number of accounts. Under this plan, you can create up to 10 profiles and have the option to add an additional 50 profiles for just $1.

The “Base” tariff plan is ideal for individual specialists or small teams. It allows you to create up to 100 profiles and add an unlimited number of team members.

The “Team” tariff plan is a suitable choice for medium-sized teams. It allows the creation of up to 300 accounts, catering specifically to the needs of larger teams.

For major enterprises, Dolphin Anty presents its premium “Enterprise” tariff plan, which allows you to create and manage 1000 profiles with unique digital fingerprints and provides access to all the service’s capabilities.

Antidetect users have access to different payment systems. You can pay for the tariff plan through “Capitalist”, using a bank card or cryptocurrency.


The Dolphin Anty anti-detect browser stands out as an invaluable tool for arbitrageurs, marketers, crypto traders, account farmers, and all professionals seeking online privacy. With Dolphin Anty, users can anonymously monitor search results, manage accounts, initiate campaigns, and execute various other tasks. Beyond its extensive features, many users note its impeccable, responsive support service. It’s worth noting that the developers offer an opportunity to test the product through their free yet substantially functional version and other comfortable tariff plans.

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