Dating Smartlink: we recommend Germany!

Make bank in German speaking countries with Los Pollos! Germany, Austria and Switzerland continue to burn up like napalm on our dating vertical.

Dating TOP 20:

  • Australia $74.2
  • Switzerland $70.8
  • Denmark $66.4
  • Austria $62.1
  • Norway $53.8
  • Sweden $45.9
  • Germany $44.8
  • New Zealand $44
  • Iceland $43.9
  • Finland $43.6
  • Canada $42.7
  • United Kingdom $41.4
  • USA $37.9
  • Belgium $34.4
  • France $29
  • Netherlands $25.1
  • Spain $22.4
  • Italy $20
  • Russia $19.5
  • Brazil $18.9

On the horizon, we are currently testing a new smartlink in private mode for trusted affiliates: Casual Dating. This vertical is especially interesting to affiliates who draw from sources where adult content is prohibited. For example, you’ll no longer need to pad with intermediate LPs for push network traffic sources, permitting you to maximize your conversions and minimize your fall-off. Now you can pass moderation with a direct link, no confusing padding pages.

Want to give it a try? Request the link from your AM.

Start earning!

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