How to earn $1000 a month buying adult traffic?

One of our clients has shared his success story with us. He once again proved that it is possible to make money with affiliate marketing offers and adult traffic in particular. Let’s dive into the details.

Opinion and data belong to the author of this case.

CPA Network: LosPollos

Offer: Dating Smartlink

Traffic source: ClickAdilla

Ad format: Popunder

GEO: France

Period: 28/12/2020 – 28/01/2021

Costs: $400

Revenue: $1000

ROI: 150%

Several months ago I started launching affiliate offers. I used to not trust all these cases where an affiliate earned thousands of dollars, until I tried it myself. Now it brings me good passive income. I decided to reveal one of my profitable campaigns. In this case I managed to earn $1000. The net income is $600. So I doubled my investments in about 2 weeks. The campaign is still running. Hope my case study will inspire you and you’ll discover something new. Let’s move on to the offer and traffic source.

Dating affiliate program

LosPollos is a well-known CPA network. For those who don’t know, it’s a global Smartlink provider. I’ve tested their smart link offers among multiple traffic sources and I really like the results. The advantage of working with a smartlink is that you don’t have to test different CPA offers, search for a best one. In my experience, that using smart links saves advertisers time and money. So I would absolutely recommend smartlink and this dating affiliate network to any aspiring affiliate marketer.

In this case I’ve used a Dating Smartlink and targeted France.

I get paid for leads, i.e. users registrations.  An average payout per leads is $2.6 for France.



I’ve generated 385 conversions, as you can see on this screenshot. A total of $ 1000.

Conversion rate from impressions to conversions is 0.04%

In other words, 4 users out of 1000 are converted into payout. Not much, but enough to have a profit margin.

French Mobile Popunder traffic

As a traffic source I’ve been using popunders in ClickAdilla. I decided to use pop traffic in ClickAdilla for the following reasons:

  • A decent amount of traffic for France: over 467K impressions daily.
  • Low CPM ($0.45 per 1000 impressions).
  • Popunder is one of the easiest ways to start an advertising campaign.

First, I launched a campaign targeting all devices. After spending $15, I noticed that the percentage of conversions from mobile devices was 2 times higher than from desktop. So afterwards I targeted only mobile devices.

I was surprised that I got to receive French  traffic at a minimum rate. I thought that I would have to overbid competitors. But luckily for me, competition at this GEO was not high.

I spent $400.95 and earned $1000. Great result for a start, isn’t it?




I enjoyed working with LosPollos Dating Smartlink and ClickAdilla’s adult traffic. In general, dating is an evergreen niche. There are a huge number of dating affiliate programs for any GEO , device and gender. Dating is ideal for rookie marketers. Pay per lead payout model does not require a large budget to get started and find a profitable approach. One of the coolest features of buying popunder traffic is that you do not have to provide any creatives. So it’s the easiest way to launch ad campaigns.

There are a lot of useful guides on the Internet about how to make money in affiliate marketing business. I hope my case study will motivate you to get started. But don’t blindly copy it. Take an approach and apply it in your own way. Learn from the mistakes of others and then you will find your goldmine. Wish you good luck to chase your dream!

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